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Dr. Fresh Diet is the project of Dr. Austin L. Sedicum, a foot and ankle specialist in Pennsylvania who has seen enough of the diseases of overeating in his practice. Diabetes, vascular disease, and obesity lead to disastrous conditions of the lower extremities. Dr. Sedicum has learned that by leading patients to healthier choices in their diet and exercise habits, that they ultimately improve the health of their limbs, by improving their health as a whole.

Not everyone is capable or willing to be in ideal health for their age. Many lack the so called “insight,” motivation, demographic, or resources to do so. (Don’t be one of them). This website is designed for those who are willing to go to whatever lengths it takes to maximize their potential as human organisms that enjoy eating. (I’m a busy doctor, yet I drive over an hour each week to get a gallon of milk from a farm that I trust.) So if you are not willing to undertake such an effort, then to you I say, good luck.

I’m not concerned with how you look in your bathing suit next summer, and propose no gimmicks for your easy weight loss fix. Weight loss is not the design of my plan, so much as weight-gain and diabetes prevention are. But you will lose weight, I promise you that. It’s just that in my view, the improvements in your appearance are a secondary benefit to my diet. What I really care about is how you feel, and how many unnecessary medications and procedures you will avoid.

The sharing of meals is one of humankind’s oldest traditions. However, this tradition is rapidly fading in today’s culture of complex lifestyles, with sad health and social consequences. There is a movement of folks out there, striving to get people out of the “drive-thru”, and back into kitchen, to bring back real food, for real people. My advice is to be part of that movement.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, as a couple, or for a family, realize that eating well is the foundation to living well. In addition to being a nutritional diatribe designed to get you charged up about eating well and living well, my book (due out in 2010) is filled with practical recipes that taste great, and will open the world of eating delicious food for your body’s sake.

As a physician who treats diabetes, vascular disease, and obesity complications, I have had the opportunity to study the eating habits of thousands of patients. Both the good and the bad, mostly bad.

The reality that something is going to kill you, eventually, is painfully obvious to me as a physician. Don’t kid yourself, death is natural. I just don’t think that your dinner should be your cause of death or disease. No matter what you do, the human life you know is a temporary event. But when you decide not to choose obviously clear paths known to avoid premature death and disease, you’ve chosen stupidly. Given the abundance of evidence that we have accumulated to make the best of our short time here on Earth, it’s amazing that so many bad choices remain the most popular. So why do so many of us continue to sicken ourselves despite the well known ways to avoid so? This question looms.

I shop at least three times a week for ingredients for the meals to be served in my house, which makes me a slacker by traditional European standards. Many cultures will shop (or even better, hunt and forage) over three times in a day, at different merchants, to get the specific ingredients needed for that night’s meal. Their focus is not based on convenience, but on the meal. The thought of a processed, pre-packaged dinner rarely enters consideration. And to the credit of many cultures, a processed dinner may never even enter their consciousness as a choice at all. We need to be more like them.

As a chef for over twenty years, I have been able to achieve amazingly delicious dishes that are packed with nutrition and satisfy all cravings. A few are complicated, which is for my leisurely days off, when I occasionally find the time to relax in my kitchen. But most are fast and efficient recipes that I’ve developed through the years to accommodate my need for nutrition, flavor, and lack of time.

There is no need to feel like you’re on a “diet” just because you are eating with your health in mind. The fact is that everybody is on a diet. The word diet only means “the consumption of food by an organism or group.” The word “dieting” implies the selection and self denial. Who wants to be “dieting?” Doesn’t it just make more sense in the long run to simply have a good diet?
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