How To Prevent Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome)

January 30, 2017 upperbucksfoot Comments Off

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, also called “runner’s knee,” is the most common of all running ailments, accounting for 16.5% of runner’s injuries. It’s characterized by a dull pain that is “behind” or “around” the top of the kneecap. Typical aggravating movements include squatting, running (especially downhill), descending stairs, and prolonged sitting. This makes training for races or participating in races particularly difficult. Instead of being forced to throw your plans out the window Dr. Austin Sedicum has plans for you!

Step 1:
Important when using Kinesio Tape is to make sure you either shave the area from unwanted hair or spray athletic pre tape spray (you can buy here). This ensures the Tape stays on the entire duration of your race.

Step 2:
Measure two pieces of Kinesio Tape that runs from the bottom of your knee to your thigh. Make sure your knee is in a bend position. Start from under your knee on the outside of your knee and bring the tape along the bottom of your knee to the inner part of your thigh.

Step 3:
On the same knee use the other piece of tape and Start from under your knee on the inside of your knee and bring the tape along the bottom of your knee to the outer part of your thigh. This will create an x under your knee for support.

Step 4:
For compression cut a third piece of tape about the width of your knee cap and place under your knee cap nice and tight! Give it a test and make sure there is no pulling or tension and your ready to run!

Check out this video on instructions on How to Prevent Runner’s Knee!

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