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Podiatrist Lehigh Valley, PA

Our feet will carry us throughout our lifetimes. Expert care when problems arise is critical to the long-term health of your feet. At Upper Bucks Foot and Ankle Medical Center, we offer skilled, compassionate care combined with our extensive podiatry training and experience. We are one of the top foot care specialists in Bucks County, PA…
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Podiatrist East Greenville, PA

People walk every day but many never realize the importance of their feet. Taking care of your feet is a necessary step towards keeping your entire body healthy. Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Podiatrist serving East Greenville, PA understands the significance of keeping the feet in good shape and Dr. Sedicum gives its patients the…
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Podiatrist Milford Square, PA

Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Medical Center is a full service podiatry office located in Quakertown, PA but serving Milford Square patients. Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle and Doctor Austin Sediucm provides the highest quality professional podiatry services and sports injury solutions in Milford Square. Dr. Sedicum provides expert care, diagnosis and treatment of ankle…
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Podiatrist Souderton, PA

Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Medical Center treats the most Common Foot Problems. Foot and ankle problems are quite common and include: congenital, acquired, traumatic, infectious, neoplastic and arthritic. When clients in Souderton, PA that have foot and ankle problems which occur at birth, they are called congenital and are generally inherited. There are also…
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