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People walk every day but many never realize the importance of their feet. Taking care of your feet is a necessary step towards keeping your entire body healthy. Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Podiatrist serving East Greenville, PA understands the significance of keeping the feet in good shape and Dr. Sedicum gives its patients the best care possible. Dr. Austin Sedicum Podiatrists (sometimes referred to as foot surgeons or foot doctors) specializes and is trained in the treatment of lower leg, ankle, and foot ailments like Achilles tendonitis, Plantar warts, diabetic foot wounds, fracture, and sprains.

Your feet assist you 24/7, free of charge, whether you are working, exercising, or participating in sports, so when your feet are aching, they can make things very uncomfortable and your whole day gets derailed. Dr. Sedicum Podiatrist offers expertise in foot wound, infections, joint pain, nail disorder, and trauma care to the East Greenville area. He even provides 24/7 FREE Question answering with Dr. Quick Connect Feature!

Dr. Austin Sedicum Cares about Feet

Here are some tips to help alleviate your foot pain from home.

  • Wash Your Feet: Paying special attention to your feet when washing them, preferably with a washcloth, will do wonders for any aches and pains. For most aches, warm/hot water is best for treating feet, but certain conditions may require otherwise.
  • Check Your Shoe Size: Sometimes an ache or pain can be caused by something as simple as a wrong shoe size or lack of arch support. Be careful to make sure your shoes are not the cause of your irritable foot/ankle.

Emergency Office Visits

Patients suffering from pain, usually from heel discomfort or foot aches, may have surgical procedures done in outpatient facilities. Doctor Austin does not advise people who are experiencing foot problems to self-diagnosis themselves, as issues like Crohn’s disease, cyst, bone fusion, or severely infected ingrown toenails can go unnoticed. Many think, “This foot problem will go away eventually, right?” but that is not always the case. Without proper treatment, torn ligaments and even blisters can turn into something more serious. Do not hesitate to visit East Greenville’s Best Podiatrist Upper Bucks Foot & Ankle Medical Center for treatment.

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