Podiatrist Bethlehem, PA

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There is one body part that we as a people use on a daily basis, and that body part is your feet. Running, walking, jogging, dancing and sports all require movement of the feet. Unlike the hands whom seem to receive a lot of credit for being creative, feet just seem to be an afterthought. Whether you’re walking through your house, climbing up a set of stairs, or kicking an object out of your way, the feet makes these things all possible.

    Unfortunately, your legs take plenty of punishment over time and begin to cause problems. Overuse is a common problem with just about every body part and the feet are no different. Are you experiencing any issues with your lower leg, feet or ankle? Do you live in or near Bethlehem, PA? If you answered yes to any of the questions than you should seek professional attention and there is one organization that is an expert in the foot & ankle field!

Upper Buck’s Foot & Ankle Medical Center”

     Located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Upper Buck’s Foot & Ankle Medical Center has been providing the very best in podiatrist services for many years. This elite establishment is head and shoulders above it’s competitors thanks to its various podiatry treatments. Upper Buck’s covers it all from:

     Dr. Austin L. Sedicum is the man in charge with many years of experience in foot/ankle pain. Doctor Sedicum is well accomplished with multiple degrees, accreditations, and he has attended various higher learning facilities such as La Salle University and Temple University. Dr. Sedicum is leading by example, and his practice is building a solid reputation of success. Dr. Sedicum is an daily runner and understands the trials of foot pain as a runner!

     Upper Buck’s goes above and beyond the competition. This team of talented professionals posses expertise, experience and capabilities. Customer service is also great which is “a must” when dealing with people. It’s time to stop suffering in pain and start living your life to the fullest. Dr. Sedicum and Upper Buck’s Foot & Ankle Medical Center raising the bar higher than ever before. For general information or for making an appointment, call (215) 529-6511.

249 South West End Blvd. (Rt. 309) Quakertown, PA 18951 (215) 529-6511