How To Prevent Iliotibial-Band Syndrome

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What is Iliotibial band syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is an overuse injury of the connective tissues that are located on the lateral or outer part of thigh and knee. It causes pain and tenderness in those areas, especially just above the knee joint. Iliotibial band syndrome is the most common cause of lateral knee pain in runners and bicyclists. The iliotibial band is a thick band that begins at the iliac crest in the pelvis, runs down the lateral part of the thigh, and crosses the knee to attach into the top part of the tibia or shinbone. The iliotibial (IT) band helps stabilize the outside part of the knee through its range of motion.

Symptoms of Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Pain on the outside of the knee or hip.
Snapping hip pain as the iliotibial band snaps back and forth over the point of the hip (greater trochanter).
Pain that generally disappears as the band is stretched out and becomes more flexible.
Pain that improves with rest.

How To Prevent Iliotibial-Band Syndrome

After shaving the out part of your thigh and prepped the skin you are ready to apply the Kinesio Tape. Use a piece that is about 2/3 the length of your thigh.
Start a little below the out side of the knee. Right over the area of the pain.
Add tension along the course of the band. You can go as high as you want with the tape.
To add compression isolate the area of pain and use a 3 inch piece of Kinesio Tape at the end of the first piece of tape make an L shape towards the back of your calf.
For extra compression use a 3 inch piece of Kinesio Tape just above the first 3 inch piece of tape added above the isolate the area of pain.

This should get you in perfect shape for your next race!

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